Prenatal/post natal fitness instructor 

   I’ve recently received my certification from AFPA for prenatal and post natal fitness specialist. This is something I never thought I would be doing but o love doing it. I worked hard and had to study late after both my girls were asleep. I mean 1am late. 

   Once I graduated I jumped in and started a two year nutrition course that contains four certifications. My fitness business started and I realized studying that late plus working was going to be very stressful. So I stopped the new school to focus on what I’ve already achieved. 

   It’s never easy feeling like you’ve failed at something but your not really failing. I stopped the school so I can pursue a goal I have already reached. I’m already a prenatal and post natal fitness specialist. That needs to be my focus right now. No point in stressing for the next two years. I love the subject of nutrition and I’ve learned a lot but I currently am just too busy. 

    Stay at home moms don’t just sit around do we?! Lol. We are hard workers constantly. We are chefs. Cleaning ladies. Nurses. Teachers etc. Our patience is tested daily. We all know how much we can handle and it’s good to take a step back if need be and not overdue it. I know my girls will be proud even if I do have to “fail” at the nutrition course. My kids see me as a private and group trainer for women and copy me during the classes or even at home. I need to create workout plans for each class I teach whether it be group, private or couple. 

   In my spare time to relieve stress I binge watch Netflix or doodle in adult coloring books. I challenge myself and my clients. Working out is also a natural stress reliever and mood enhancer.

    It’s not something I would have picked as my first choice to pursue. I prob would have either done lactation consultant or the nutrition first but then I would have to follow the what ifs.  I might not have finished the nutrition if I did that first. The financial tuition workers suggested I do the fitness first because I have a higher chance of bringing in money. At first I didn’t believe them. Once I got started though I couldn’t stop. I was learning about my own pregnancies and how to help others and that was my main goal. It wasn’t breastfeeding but hey if you work out properly and eat healthy your supply will be spot on and I was learning about that as well. 

   I’m at a perfect place in my life right now and as a veteran I never thought I would be a fitness specialist. I get to work with my kids close by and modify for those who are pregnant, postpartum or disabled like myself. We can do anything we put our minds to. Believe in yourself. Challenge yourself and also know what you need to do to not overdue things in your life. This is the one life you have. Live it to the fullest but make sure you do so full of happiness and love for what you do. 

Ktoys review 

   In the works will be my YouTube. My daughters and I (alongside my husband when he returns) is a video toy/product review channel. We will be reviewing top parenting items as well as blind bags and the latest toys. Please subscribe and comment on the items you want to see be reviewed. It will be a few weeks until it’s up so in the meantime comment on this blog on items you want reviewed. 

Splashlings and mystery packs craze 

   It’s been awhile since I’ve made a post. Up until recently I was attending school which as a mom I thought I wouldn’t have time for. I recieved my certificate for prenatal and post natal fitness specialist. I was so excited I decided to jump right into a two year, four certificates master nutrition course. I was up late every night like with my other class and soon began to get stressed. I stopped school to begin fitness classes.

    I saw my daughter losing interest in every toy and I wanted something that would keep her busy so for at least 30 min every day so I can have time to wake up and get ready for the day. I started watching videos after I completed Grey’sAnatomy about mystery pack openings. I quickly went out and bought every mystery pack to see which ones my daughter would like more. I couldn’t tell who was into them more my five year old, my one year old or myself. They loved them all. Every morning I get about an hour extra to myself now while they happily play together. 

   I wanted to do a video of her opening some splashlings we recieved but of course I couldn’t contain my girls opening them. My youngest thought one mystery pack that was a shell looked a beauty blender and started rubbing it against her cheek and the oldest wanted to find the rare and color changing ones. In our pack we ended up with both! 

   The splashlings are super cute and kind of have the same feel to them as shopkins but you can get ones that change color which I think is such a bonus. It has to be ice cold water so we usually get an ice cube and rub it against the toy and they can see the magic happen. I have two little collectors and I cannot wait to continue to open mystery packs and see what we get. Hopefully soon the oldest will be opening them up alone while I record on YouTube. 

You can find splashlings at places like target and toys r us or online at
Here are some we got. 


   I’m just going to dive right into this review and say I love fidgetopia from the quick and absolutely sincere customer service to the products themselves. They sent me every item for this review in my daughters favorite color. I told them her favorite color is green and they took it from there. These are handcrafted fidgets and are very well constructed.

   I got these fidgets for my four year old daughter who loves small toys to hold onto and play with. She’s a toddler so of course keeping her busy and still isn’t always simple. I wanted to find her something for a kid that moves a lot but I honestly things these are great for anyone and even I love them. I have anxiety so it’s a great way to just focus that on something else and calm down. She is a new big sister so having something that’s just hers and can give herself that time to calm down in moments of frustration or being upset is great. 

   The first fidget which is pictured top left is called the quad roller in green. This fidget looks like it’s made from two key chain rings and a bike chain. The rings and quad rollers can be moved around in like a 360 motion. The second one on the top right is the “happy” medium vortex. This one is multiple round rings linked together and can be moved around. The third is the bottom left and it’s the green wave link which is a single loop and bike like chain. The chain can be moved around the loop and the chain itself bends. The last one I have is the bottom right and it’s the green aluminum vortex. My daughter loves this one because it has the most green. 

The fidgets are on Amazon, Etsy and

The prices are anywhere from 10$-40$ on their page and the ones found on Amazon are 12$-25$ but not as many options. 

They are quickly selling out and these are great just to toss in your purse or diaper bag and bring along to restaurants or while waiting at a doctors office etc. I highly recommend going with fidgetopia. You won’t be disappointed. 

As you can tell most of my reviews are positive and this is because I find the best companies and brands before contacting them and make sure I am only promoting the best. The ones I don’t find the best quality I contact and inform them of my experience. Sometimes they’ll try and send better items but they don’t always please. I know lots of parents have kids like my own that have tons of energy, new siblings or just get bored easy and that is why I did my best to find what works for Violet in those times and possibly others. The quality as well as the service always has a huge impact on my reviews. 

Doodle Hog 

   I remember using dot markers in school and these I found on Amazon for my daughter to enjoy. They are called super sparkle dab and dot markers by doodle hog. They can be used on both light and dark paper. 

   These markers dry quickly, are perfect for little hands, and are washable which is always great for those toddler messes. The set come with orange, blue, green, red and grey. My daughters favorite of course is the green. Her favorite color currently. 

   These are great to be used as an educational tool. You can write a letter down and have them trace the letter with dots. It’s also perfect just as they please and let their imagination soar. This is a perfect gift for kids ages three and up.

   The dot markers can be found on Amazon for 9.99$. The company also has additional sets and items from coloring books to markers with stencils and larger sets of the dot markers. 


   Freshlove Popsicle Molds – Maker with Attached Cap,Silicone Ice Pop Molds Set of 6

   I have a four year old and almost one year old (two more days!!!) and I’m always trying to find gun ways to get them excited about snacks and healthy food. The toddler more than the baby. From another company I purchased these same Popsicle molds in plain colors and the tops come completely off. I wanted something with a fun design and all one piece. This way no parts would be lost and less dishes. Freshlove swirl Popsicle molds are all of the above and more importantly high quality, Food Grade, BPA, PVC and PTHALATES FREE. 

   I love being able to make my own Popsicles because I know everything that goes inside them. These not only can be used to make popsicles but to store snacks as well. They are dishwasher safe. 

   Take one with you to work, gym, anywhere you like. The slim design allows you carry in your bag, purse or in your kids lunch box. They are perfect for parties, gatherings etc. You can use them for your salad dressing at a picnic even. Sold separately you can get a stand for an elegant display. The stand I found is by sunsella for 11.99$ on amazon. Sunsella is the same brand as my other Popsicle molds which to me don’t feel as thick as the Freshlove and they leak. The Freshlove Popsicle molds are 10.99$ on Amazon. These molds are perfect for babies, toddlers, children and adults. 

   Freshlove Reusable Smoothie Straws (x6) for Healthy Teeth. Eco BPA-Free Silicone with Cleaning Brush for Safely Drinking Smoothies, Milkshakes, Fruit Juices, Protein Shakes, Fizzy Drinks, Tea, Coffee

   Kid friendly, eco friendly and 100% high quality food grade, non-toxic straws. These straws have a wide dinameter making it perfect for smoothies. The bitible silicone won’t damage your teeth. My kids can happily chew on them and I won’t have to worry about the draws or their teeth being damaged. I love anything reusable because it’s way better for the environment. The straws come w a pipe cleaner for them for quick handwashing. They are only 10.99$ on Amazon. 















   I am always looking for cute ways to store toys and I always get asking what my favorite brands are or storage systems. I usually go for cute baskets because once kids outgrow then for toys they can be used by teens and adults. I came across the peek-a-boo bags that are toy storage bags with drawstrings and a clear middle for peeking at what’s inside and find what your looking for easier. 

   They come in a standard size and a mini size. The standard size comes w a reusable mesh bag which I’m sure my kids will find some use for. I like the mini bag for teethers or small baby toys. The mini is 12.95$ and the standard is 16.95$. I found my peek-a-boo bags on Amazon but they also have their own page which is The prints they come in on Amazon are blue and green stripe, grey dandelion puffs and multi color dots. 

   My four year old is currently finding all the toys in the room to put in the standard bag for her and baby toys for her sister in the mini bag. These bags are perfect to store blocks, Legos (duplo or regular) or mega blocks in a more attractive manner. To clean them you just simply spot clean the bags. 

   I’m off to sort some toys into these cute bags and relieve some of my clutter in the knit basket we have. Again my girls def love these bags as part of playtime as well because they are easy to move around. Check out their page!!!!

Wink naturals 

   I have a four almost five year old who we just discovered has allergies that make her very congested and cause a lot of drainage in her throat. This could also be the cause of her insomnia. While we are still undergoing allergy tests to find out more answers of course she has to sleep. It takes her four hours every night to fall asleep. She’ll either talk to her dolls, talk to her deployed dad on her wooden toy phone or procrastinate and ask for water, to go potty or a kiss. As sweet as this sounds nobody can sleep and we do have a one year old. 

   I recently came across wink naturals and I’ll be honest at first I thought the tablets didn’t contain melatonin so I wanted to try them out. They do contain melatonin but only 1mg and like the company stated they underwent a lot of research to develop the tablets, rub and recently their drops with sleep specialists. My daughter being four takes the tablets which are for ages three and up. It says to hold in the mouth for 15-20 seconds before consuming but having a child who still swallows her toothpaste I just tell her to eat it. It also says to make sure the room is dark and that it can take about 30min. I can personally tell you I use these with her on naps if I didn’t give one to her the night before and broad daylight they work. It takes less than 30 min at night though for her to fall asleep and sometimes naps can take a bit longer but nowhere near the usual two hour nap fights. 

   The tablets can also be used on children 12 and up but they would take two whereas toddles only take one. They also make adult tablets as well. The tablets are quick dissolve and 100% drug-free and safe. 

   I also have a one year old like I said she she uses the rub. She has no issues sleeping and sleeps through the night but with getting older sometimes she fights falling asleep. The other day after her long day with an allergist and her one year appoint that included her first blood test in her arm and five shots we had a very fussy night. Her leg bothered her I’m guessing and I don’t give her tylonal onlg nurse so after trying everything to get her to lay down I tried the rub. I applied a little to her chest and was able to almost immediately lay her down beside me and she latched on to nurse and fell asleep. The rub is for ages 3 months and up. It can be applied to try neck, chest, back or feet.

   I love wink naturals and I am overjoyed to share my succeess story because my oldest daughter has never been a good sleeper. I’m sure once I run out of the tablets I’m going to try the rub on her but I’m just happy she’s getting sleep. Her naps are usually about two hours and with the tablet I know she’ll at least get that giving her the daily amount of sleep she needs. She sleeps through the night and we’ve had no issues. 

You can find wink natural products right here:

(Prices on site but range from $16.24-$39.99 and the higher priced items are bundles) 


   My four year old loves having her nails done but with a baby whose curious it’s a bit hard. I cannot just leave the nail polish on the ground beside me. I’ve see the Exelle Best Seller Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder Ring Art Beauty Tools, Creative Design Diamond, for Home, Travel, Spa all over and was curious to try it out. Above I have the one in turquoise but it also comes in pink. 

   As you can see I’m holding it upside down and the nail polish is well secure inside the Super soft silicone wearable nail polish bottle holder. It’s perfect for doing hot nails anywhere and it’s very easy. Simply insert your nail polish bottle into the wearable silicone ring. The comfortable ring may be worn on finger or toe to hold the polish in place and leaving both hands free. I don’t have to worry about nail polish dripping, any spills and the inconvenience of reaching for the bottle. If I’m doing my nails I don’t have to worry about smudging either. 

   Another huge plus to me is that it’s Eco-friendly and non-toxic. It’s one size fits all. One size fits all! It’s made from soft, flexible and durable silicone that will not stretch out or tear, discolor and retains its original shape for a longer period of time. I can definitely see my daughter using it when she’s older for spa fun or a slumber party. 

   This product can be found on Amazon for $7.50.

 Exelle Best Seller Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder Ring Art Beauty Tools, Creative Design Diamond, for Home, Travel, Spa (Turquoise)


   This review is for some products by AMFOCUS. The first item is the Amfocus Multi-Function Over The Sink Cutting Board Strainer, Kitchen Tool in blue. This cutting board can also be found in pink, orange and green but Amazon only carries it in blue and green currently. I love that this cutting board has multiple uses in one design. The chopping board part can be moved to different position for easy serving and has a convenient water straniner and storage chamber on the bottom layer. It has an anti-slip handle and base for a comfortable and sturdy serving. The two pieces come apart for easy cleaning. The board is lightweight and portable making it perfect for storing as well as serving. It’s made out of food grade PP. this product can be found on Amazon for $17.95. 

   The second item is the Stainless Steel Coffee Mug, Espresso Cup with Saucer and Spoon, 3 oz. This European style mug is made from food grade premium stainless steel material and is durable and safe for daily use. It had double walled insulated construction that keeps your drink on hand for long and doesn’t burn your hands. Tha handle seems to be a bit small but I don’t think myself or my husband will have any issues. It can be found on Amazon as well for only $14.95. 

   The last item is my favorite one because I love anything fun in my kitchen. While my picky toddler probably won’t eat eggs no matter how cute they look I know my 1 year old will. This product is a Set of 4 Silicone Fried Egg Mold Pancake Rings, Non Stick Bakeware Accessories Kitchen Tools. The set comes with an owl, bunny, cloud with a sun and a face. The molds are made of food grade silicone material and BPA free. This Egg Mold Ring can withstand a high temperature when cooking, along with it’s non stick design, help you preparing your breakfast eggs or pancakes effortlessly. To clean simply hand-wash the molds. We shall see who eats what I make with these. They are 12.99$ on Amazon or you can get a stainless steel set with a flowrr, a circle, a star and a heart for $9.99. Have fun getting creative with mealtime and making meal prep easy.